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Due to business development, Beijing Metstar Radar Co., Ltd. has been renamed to HuaYun METSTAR Radar (Beijing) Company, Limited (HuaYun METSTAR) since August 11, 2023. It hereby announces that: Besides renaming, HuaYun METSTAR’s legal representative, registered capital, investors and business scope and all business information remains the same, such as company bank account numbers, tax registration numbers, organization codes, office address, contact number, fax etc. From August 17, 2023, the original company official seal, personnel seal, contract seal, invoice seal, and financial seal will be on longer used. The renaming doesn’t change the business entity and legal relationship of the company. All operations, creditor's rights and debts of Beijing Metstar Radar Co., Ltd. will be inherited by HuaYun METSTAR Radar (Beijing) Company, Limited, and all the contracts signed prior to the renaming will remain valid. HuaYun METSTAR would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all of our customers and partners for their continued support and trust over the years. We understand that this change may have some impact on our current agreements, projects, and financial statements. However, we will do our utmost to minimize any inconvenience caused to our customers and partners. We will ensure to provide the best products and services and looking forward to continuing our relationship to achieve greater success in the future. Best regards, HuaYun METSTAR Radar (Beijing) Company, Limited. August 17, 2023